No Commission. No monthly payments. No hidden fees.

Property Pages NI uses the latest technology to put sellers and potential buyers in direct contact as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Online enquiries are processed automatically and arrive in your own inbox in real-time. We aim to eliminate the stress caused from buying or selling a home and all from the comfort of your current home!

Whether you’re an experienced seller or a first-timer, we offer step-by-step guidance to selling your home online. Our site allows you to arrange viewings, negotiate directly with buyers, make offers and agree sales…24 / 7!  We cover all types and sizes of property, new and old.


What’s the best thing about Property Pages NI?

YOU are in full control! You will know what’s happening 100% of the time and YOU control every part of the sales process. So why not sell your home your way – no-one knows your home better!

Save money now, sell your home online with us today!

Step 1.

List your home

The single most important factor that determines whether your home sells quickly or not is its list price.

Look at similar homes sold in the last 3 months in close proximity to your property. Adjust for property age, plot size, upgrades, and condition, as well as the current market average price per square foot. Be sure to provide high quality photos and a full and accurate description of your property to help show off it's best features.

Step 2.

Market your home

Now that you have created your dynamic listing, it’s now time to put your property in front of potential buyers.


More than 98% of buyers start their property search online, so once your listing has been approved it will go live on PropertyPagesNI and other major property sites. Preparing your property for viewers ("staging") is important. It will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value.

Step 3.

Recieve offers

All offers are made directly to you, this means you are fully aware and in full control which allows you to negotiate directly with buyers.

Usually, the first offer will be lower than your asking price although occasionally buyers keen to secure a property will offer full asking price. The key thing to remember is that price isn’t everything in the world of property.

Read our guide below to find out more.

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