Step 1
List your property

The single most important factor that determines whether your home sells quickly or
not is its list price.

Review Recently Sold Homes: Look at every similar home sold in the last 3 months
in close proximity of your property. Adjust for the age of the property, plot size,
upgrades, and condition.

Review Current Active Listings: Similar to recent sales above, also look at all the
homes currently listed, weighing newest ones more. The average price per square
foot will give you an indication to market trends. If the market is hot, the price will be
trending up.

Photos: Photos sell. Plain and simple. In today’s world of mostly online marketing,
your home is only as good as your listing. Photos and Video’s are one of the most
important parts of your listing.

Description: Provide a full and accurate description of your property, ensuring to list all the
features and benefits of your property and its location.

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